We can offer our expertise and equipment in any location. High end portable recording systems enable us to record anything from a solo vocal to a symphony orchestra and our recording rigs can be tailored specifically to your needs.

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  • Record a full CD with your Parish Choir  / Folk Group

  • Recording in situ in local hall or Church

  • Art Work / Design / Layout of the CD included

  • Advice on Material and Copyright Law

  • Recording Budget to suit various projects

  • Mixing & Mastering of CD included

  • Cost-effective supply of CD ready for Sale

We have a long history of recording choirs. We have recorded many choirs of different types and sizes, from well-practiced multi-part harmony choirs with pipe organs to small amateur church groups. With our mobile recording unit, our own studio, duplication and printing facilities we have everything you need to make a professional CD that captures the very best that your choir can produce.  
Well before the booked date, we visit your suggested location for the recording to ensure that it is appropriate (preferably during a rehearsal) This also enables us to check that any instruments intended to accompany the choir are in a fit state to feature on the CD. (The noises generated by old pianos that have never been noticed before become surprisingly obvious during a recording.
If necessary we can provide a weighted keyboard and amplifier for the session  

On the day of the recording, we arrive before the choir to set up so that the choir can turn up, warm-up, and get straight into the recording. Our engineers are very conscious of a choir's need for regular breaks, as a choir's pitch can suffer progressively over long recording sessions.
We stay until the choir members either leave, disband or collapse on the floor, and although some choirs manage to get the recording finished in one day, we are prepared to split the recording into several sessions.
After the recording is completed we look after your artwork (CD Cover & Design) / License for recorded material with MCPS Ireland / CD Manufacturing etc..
So its all pretty much covered from start to finish.

Mark Cahill is the producer on-site and is well known as musical director & arranger for well-known singer/songwriter Fr Liam Lawton and has arranged, recorded and produced Liam's albums since 2004.