Jake Carter- Wild & Free

Produced & mixed by David Arkins

Liam Lawton - The Cloud's Veil.

Taken from the multi-platinum selling album produced and arranged by Mark Cahill.

RYAN DOLAN Start Again was co-written and produced by David Arkins. All music was recorded at Crookedwood Studios with the exception of the Prague Symphony Orchestra which was arranged and scored by Mark Cahill. The song and video went viral worldwide on numerous occasions.

In memory of The Eagles frontman, Glenn Frey, we've covered their classic hit, 'Take It To The Limit'. Recorded and produced at the Crookedwood Studios.

 HomeTown - Oh Holy Night

Arranged and produced by David Arkins. 

Liam Geddes- So Cool

Produced & mixed by David Arkins

Josh Gray -  Cut Loose

Produced & mixed by David Arkins

Live recording with Eimear Reynolds & Mark Cahill at studio 1

HomeTown & Paramount Pictures - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Irish Release)

David Arkins

Nigel Connell - Washed In The River

Produced & Arranged by Mark Cahill

Jim Devine - You Belong To Me

Recorded & produced by David Arkins.

The video was also recorded at Crookedwood studios

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